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About us

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Association of Certified Appraisers in Bosnia and Herzegovina was established on November 15 th of 2010 as a professional, non-profit and non-governmental organization that brings together professionals in the field of appraisal of legal entities, asssets, liabilities and capital in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main goals and tasks of Association of Certified Appraisers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are:

-         development of  profession of certified appraisers by raising the professional level and reputation of certified appraisers in order to contribute to the profession and the impact on economic and social progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

-         the establishment and maintenance of specific methodological standards and ethical rules in accordance with IVS ( International Valuation Standards established by Committee of International Valuation Standards)

-         introducing and informing members about the ethical rules in accordance with standards and principles of valuation.

-         training and certification of persons for expert and independent appraisal and their continuing education and professional development

-         protection of ethical rules in the interst of profession

-         promoting of professional practice of certified appraisers to all interested parties

-         organizing professional meetings of members to get acquainted with the practice of appraisers and its existence in various countries of the world.


Activities of the Association of Certified Appraisers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are related to the goals and objectives and include:


-         ensuring financial stability and technical conditions for the work of Association

-         maintenance of internationally approved training program for certified appraisers

-         organizing training for certified appraisers by providing quality, affordable professional development program for current and emerging needs of the membership and the profession

-         Association for their own purposes may organize a separate organization to provide education and organization of various forms of professional development

-         cooperation with other professional organizations in the provision of professional training

-         publishing of books and journals in the field of appraisal of legal entities, assets, liabilities and capital and related professional disciplines, to promote the statutory goals

-         creating and distributing educational material for continuing education of members and the profession, in accordance with the Law

-         providing technical assistance to high schools and colleges in development of profession of certified appraiser

-         development of international cooperation and involvment in the work of professional associations in Europe and in the world

-         informing the public of the Association`s work

-         appraisal of projects, value of investments, property and fixed assets appraisal and the value of legal entities in the process of status changes, sale etc.


Members of Managing Board:

     -   Branimir Kovačević, President

     -   Mira Bijelac,

     -   Silvana Vrhovac,

     -   Ranko Batinić,

     -   Nada Đurić.


President: Milan Pucarević, M.Sc.

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